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What do people love to hear in a presentation? Would you agree that they love to hear stories? People love stories of danger, action, adventure, drama. When these stories are true life adventures and have substance, they make for a more entertainment and a more responsive event.
I share many stories from my book “From Fl To NY” “From FL to NY” is a powerfully written and motivating book that outlines several important factors needed for life
The skill of “Being Calm” is critical in tough situations

2) The power of "Asking" and its ability to open closed doors.
3) Taking challenges and turning them into strengths.
4) How questions and actions lead to amazing results.
5)  Benefits of a “Never give up, never surrender attitude."
From FL to NY is a wealth of information and a guide for overcoming the challenges of everyday life.

My stories awaken the "Creative Happiness Intelligence" that lives inside us all. My story telling style of speaking captivates the audience and allows each listener to explore new possibilities in life. The interactive approach adds to the flavor of the stories being told and grasps the interest and curiosity of the participants. The uniqueness of the stories, expresses the hope
that so many people are in search of and can fire up the self-inspiration in us all. 

For years I have told people that the journey of a 1,000 miles starts with the first step, yet I never took those steps in real life. “From Fl to NY” is a true life story of my 2,000 mile walk from Deerfield Beach, FL  to Manhattan, N.Y. to spread “Happiness Awareness”. With only $200 in my pocket and belief in my heart, I traveled for 277 days, proving that you can take that 1,000 mile journey and double it!

Amazon Reviews:
"Great gift all your Christmas shopping with this book of happiness" Says, CHA
"The most amazing book I have read!" Says, Joann Pauciullo
"So amazing and so inspiring!!!" Says, Flower
"Inspiring for all ages :-)" Says, Sandra Hanesworth

People ask me why I do this

I love the fact that I can awaken the fire that drives people to want to do more and be more in their own lives! It is my belief that as we grow in our own lives, it becomes our responsibility to help others grow in their lives. We do this by sharing what we have learned freely and with no thought of a favor in return. When we do this, the rewards we receive are beyond anything we could ask for! Speaking allows me to be the change that I want to see in my life and the world.
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