2010 Smile and Wave America
  produced by Edward Rodriguez
Smile and Wave America!
Keeping The Dream Alive
In 2007 I made myself a promise, I
promised myself that I would do whatever I
could to share the smile with at least
10,000,000 people, so I purchased a website
and went on a campaign to spread the smile
across the world! My soul purpose for Smile
and Wave America is to help people to
understand that no matter what happens,
there is still hope, there is still joy and life
can be amazing! This is my part of being the
change I desire to see in the world.
In 2006 I was one of the people that needed
to understand that "Life is Grand"! That year
I lost my oldest daughter and four months
later I almost lost my life through a cerebral
hemorrhage. That began my battle with
depression. I was questioning myself and
everything around me. I needed something
to get me through and what better way to
battle depression, than to slam it with
My recent battle with cancer has shown me that I now need to step up my game
and get that smile out there even more! I cannot do this alone, so I am asking
you, if this has touched you and you have love for those around you in your heart,
please become a "Happiness Ambassador" share this site and  Smile and Wave
America share the smile with 10,000,000 people!!
Happinss in the Park 2010
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Smile and Wave America