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2010 Smile and Wave America
  produced by Edward Rodriguez
The Smile and Wave Project!
On March 20th 2011 I began a walk to spread Happiness Awareness across America. This walk was not about the miles, it was all about the smiles. I spent 277 awesome days on the road and I learned that the heart beat of America is still beating strong!!! 
Happiness is like perfume while spreading it around, you can't help but  to get a little bit on yourself!!
Our Sponsors
Smile and Wave America is proud to be a part of a NFL record breaking effort for most group sales ever!! Our annual event Smile and Wave America Day was a part of a group effort hosted by the Miami Dolphins to not only bring more people to the games at a great price,while giving back to the community by donating a portion of the proceeds to charity! To join us for the 3rd Annual Smile and Wave America Day at Sun Life Stadium.
There are so many benefits to laughter. Laughter brings joy, peace, calm, friendship and so much more! Laughter can heal you, it can extend your life, it makes life easier to deal with and it brings people together in ways that nothing else can!
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In 2007 I made myself a promise, I
promised myself that I would do
whatever it took to share my smile
with at least 10,000,000 people, I
thought it would be awesome to
have 10,000,001 people smiling!
Keeping The Dream Alive